Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register with

  • helps you to find the right job matching your aspirations. Registering with enables you to:
          1- Access and apply in one-click to more than 1 lakh jobs
          2- Store and access your Resume online
          3- Get your CV viewed by over 35000 recuiters who will contact you with un-advertized jobs.
          4- Create multiple customized profiles and apply to a job using the most relevant profile.
  • How can I post my Resume?

  • To post your Resume at, click on the "Post a Job Profile" on This takes you to the next step of filling up your personal and professional details. These details are important information that the recruiters look for. Once you have completed this, your profile is registered with us. This is your default profile which is sent across the recruiters when you apply for a particular job vacancy. We highly recommend you to fill all the details so that you present recruiters a resume that is comprehensive and one that gets you the job you are looking for.
  • How can I update/edit my Profile?

  • You can update your profile only after you login to Once you have logged in to your account, you see a snapshot of your active/default profile and the contact information. To edit your profile, click on the "View and Update" link. You can make changes to your Profile by editing the relevant sections from the "View and Update" page. It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly. Recruiters often contact only those candidates who have recently updated their profiles.
  • Does it cost to post my Resume?

  • No, posting a Resume on is absolutely Free of Cost. In fact, you can create up to 5 customized profiles to suit a specific job which is absolutely free.
  • I can not remember the password to my account. How can I login again?

  • In this case, click on the "Forgot Login Details" link at the right side on the Home Page or on the "Forgot Login Details?" link on the Login Page . In order to retrieve your account password, you need to enter either your user name or the e-mail address specified in your resume. Once you have entered either of the two, a confirmation mail with a password link to reset your password will be sent directly to your inbox.
  • How can I change the password to my account?

  • Once you have logged in to your account, you are taken to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To change your account password, click on the "Change Password" link given at the left side . You would need to enter your old password, specify and confirm the new one. Once you specified and confirmed the new password, a confirmation mail will be sent directly to your inbox.

What is search?

  • Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search window. You may use the following criteria to look for relevant jobs.
    For a keyword search you may enter Designation, Key Skills, or a company name of desired job. Keyword search is of the following types
    You may enter the Indian cities or international countries, depending upon your preference. The search result will display only those jobs which are based out of the locations that you have specified.
    You may enter the number of years you have worked for. The search result will display all those jobs with the required work experience range matching the one you have specified.
    Functional Area
    This will help you to find jobs matching your desired job function. This may not be required if you have already entered designation as a keyword.
    Expected Salary
    This field gives you an option to specify the minimum and the maximum limit for the salary that you expect. This will arrange / order the search results to better suit your requirements. The jobs matching the salary range that you have entered will be shown first followed by the ones which do not match the selected salary range.
  • How do I search for relevant jobs?

  • Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search window. It is recommended that you specify the keywords, preferred locations and your total experience criteria to access job search results which are closest to what you are looking for. In case, you get results running into hundreds, you can narrow down your search by specifying all available criteria. In case of "No Results Found", it is recommended that you may broaden your search by entering only a limited number of criteria.

What is the "Jobs by Category" option provided on the Home Page?

  • "Jobs by Category" enables you to refine your search by selecting a particular industry that suits your job requirement. The option provides you with a comprehensive list of all the jobs that are available under the chosen category. Clicking on the link further narrows down the category, into the area of specialization that you are looking at.
  • What is the "Jobs by Location" option provided on the Home Page?

  • "Jobs by Location" enables you to refine your search by selecting that particular city you are looking at for finding a job. Once you have selected a job location, the search result will reflect only those jobs that are based out of the particular location that you have selected.
  • What is the "Expected Salary" option, when I search for jobs from the Home Page?

  • While searching for jobs from the Home Page, the option enables you to specify the range of your expected annual salary. Entering the minimum and the maximum annual salary expected, will show you job vacancies offering an annual salary in the range that you have specified. The search results shown are ordered on the basis of the salary specification that you have provided. All job vacancies matching the range entered are reflected first followed by jobs which match the other criteria you have specified but not necessarily the salary range.

How can I apply for a selected job?

  • you can apply for one job at a time. This option enables you to view the complete job specifications before applying.
  • Once I have selected a job, do I have an option to save it for a later apply?

  • You can always save a selected job and apply later, if you are not sure of an immediate apply OR if you have crossed the limit of your daily quota of 100 job applications. Once you have selected a particular job vacancy, all you need to do is to click on the "Save Job" link given on the search result page.
    To retrieve the job/s you have saved, you may click in the "Saved Jobs" link on the search result page.
  • How do I know if I have successfully applied for a job?

  • In case of a successful job application, you will be informed of the same through the confirmation mail sent by us directly to your inbox.
  • When can I expect a response after a successful job application?

  • Once you have successfully applied for a particular job vacancy, any future correspondence towards the same lies solely at the discretion of the company.

What are the benefits of creating multiple Profiles?

  • Creating multiple Profiles enables you to customize individual profiles for different job categories. You can select any of the profiles you have created to apply for the best matching jobs. You also get the option to attach relevant CVs and Cover Letter with each profile. For example, if your skill set comprises skills required for business development as well as marketing, you can create a "Business Development" profile and a "Marketing" profile. You can use the appropriate profile while applying for a job.
  • How can I create a Profile?

  • To create a profile, you need to login to MyJobbie .com. Once you have logged in to your account, click on "Create a New Profile" link. Alternatively, you can also click on "Create/Manage Profiles" link on the left side. The link takes you to a page listing all your profiles from where you can create a new profile. You have the option of creating a fresh profile or copying all details from an existing profile. A fresh profile will need you to fill up your professional, educational and personal details again. These are important information that the recruiters look for. Once done, your new profile gets added to your account.
    Though filling up some of the fields is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. It enables you to present to recruiters a profile that is complete in all aspects.
  • How many Profiles can I create?

  • You can create up to 5 different Profiles based on your job requirements. However, only the profile you mark as Default will be visible to the recruiters who search our database for candidates best matching their requirements. Your Default Profile will be sent automatically to the recruiters when you apply for a particular job vacancy. You may also opt to choose the appropriate profile before applying to a job by selecting the option "Choose profile during apply" from the manage profiles page.
  • How can I select a particular profile while applying for a job?

  • You can create up to 5 different profiles based on your job requirements. You can use any of your profiles while applying for a particular job vacancy. This can be enabled by selecting the option "Choose profile during apply" from the manage profiles page. While applying for a job you will be landing on a page that contains the list of profiles you have created and allows you to choose one. The profile you chose will be sent to the recruiter with your job-application.


What is the difference between a super-user and a sub-user?

  • A super-user has the admin rights on the entire account created for a company. He / She can create / delete / manage sub-users, edit account settings, monitor account usage, assign various permissions to sub-users, subscribe to new services, and renew existing subscriptions. He / She can also post jobs, manage responses through e-apps.
    A sub-user can post jobs, manage responses through eApps and change his sub-user password.
  • I have problems signing into my account. What should I do?

  • (In case of any problems with)If you are unable to login to MyJobbie, please check if:
          You are entering the correct username and password to log in to your Resdex account. Please note these account details are case-sensitive.
          You have cookies enabled on your browser.
          You have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • How many sub-users can I create?

  • Different subscriptions have different number of sub-users associated.

What are Job Postings? What all can I do with your Job Postings solution?

  • When you need to fill a position, time is money. And every minute counts. You need to get your job in front of the most qualified job seekers. You need an easy and a reliable way to manage incoming CVs and select the right person for the job. And that is what posting your job on MyJobbie delivers - the most efficient and the cost-effective way to hire online.
  • How can I post a job on

  • Posting jobs on is quite easy with 3 simple steps:
           Login to your Recruiter account at with the username and password mailed to you earlier. Go to "Job Postings".
           Fill the Job Posting form, preview and post it.
  • How do I remove my job from your site?

  • If you wish to remove an already posted job from the site:
    Go to the manage jobs section, Click on the "Remove" icon against the job which you want to remove.

How do I search the displayed resumes at

  • To search displayed resumes, there are two options available to you. You could type in your keywords in the search window on the MyJobbie home page, where it says Search Resumes by Keywords. The keywords you could enter could pertain to the job-seekers Profile or Skills (e.g. sales, marketing, hotel management, oracle etc), Qualifications (e.g. MBA or M.Sc.) or Location preference (e.g. Delhi, Mumbai etc.). Once you have specified the keywords you are looking for, you can choose the relevant Search Criteria - All the words, Any of the Words or Exact Phrase. For years of experience, there is a drop down list with different options such as upto 2 years, 2 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years etc. Choose an option for years of experience and click on search. You will arrive at a list of relevant candidates. Click on any particular resume from this list and get further details on the candidate such as job objective, details of work experience etc. along with the email address and contact telephone number.

    The other option is to browse through resumes by clicking on the link - Search Displayed CVs -in the Recruiters Section of the MyJobbie home page. This will open onto a page where you will see a list of different resume categories such as top management, marketing and sales, systems, service, etc. You could browse through resumes in a particular category by clicking on the relevant categories You will arrive at a listing of relevant resumes. Click on a particular CV to get further details and contact information of the candidate.

    You could also search for jobs by clicking on the particular category of jobs that you are interested in on the MyJobbie home page, under the section BROWSE JOBS. For example, if you click on Marketing/Sales, you will arrive at a list of job vacancies available in that category. Against each serial number, you will get the designation, the company profile, the location and the date of uploading for that vacancy. Just click on that particular vacancy to get all the details that the company has provided including the contact address/telephone number/email id for that company.
  • How are the resumes listed?

  • When you click on a particular resume category while browsing, you will get a listing of resumes belonging to that category in reverse chronological order. That is the resumes that have been uploaded most recently will be on top and the earlier uploaded resumes will be listed below those.
  • What kind of resumes do you have?

  • Our resumes are a cross section of different functional areas, educational qualifications, location preferences and years of work experience. Over 80% of the resumes in our database have at least 2 years work experience.