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Why MyJobbie?

At the outset, it is becoming tedious to build an efficient network imbibing different players like the Employer, the Job Seeker and the Consultant to enact and share their routine tasks among themselves, leading to a catastrophe, since recycling the data and floating across the other participants will obviously go in vain and invites "Obsolete Dormancy".

Now it is all set to introduce an "Active Crusader", Myjobbie, "a Indian Wonder", in the world of Online Portal who consciously work to bring their valuable stars like the Employer, the Job Seeker and the Consultant across the globe under one roof. We laid a strong foundation for our clients to build their careers, enhance their visibility and speed up the recruitment process.

Just to accomplish Efficacy in the recruitment process, our team distinguishes the player category by conglomerating the aesthetic and innovative features in accordance with the client requirements, thus ensuring Our Product Mission and Our Client Vision, ultimately the "Win-Win" situation.

We - A Glimpse

MyJobbie , unlike a typical job portal establishes a reliable and a queued full duplex communication among the users with a broader view to vanish the existing barriers like misinterpretation, clumsiness and so on. The coagulation among the users is sustained throughout the show till at least a satisfaction is achieved, but an overwhelming delight is promised.MyJobbie proves to be a contemporary tool in choosing the right career path and eradicates the modern difficulty of envisaging your most desired option. In short, we would love to be a perfect coordinator of your career rather than just a hitchhiker. MyJobbie, as a system, is Extrovert, user friendly and reliable. MyJobbie assists the users' right from the enrollment to even after the successful placement with regular industry updates, newsletter and so on to keep them cognizant of the market trends. Unlike an usual portal, MyJobbie does not want to be credited with the natural scenario of matching employers and the job seekers, rather we are accustomed to create skillful talents via training programs, bridging, thus ensures a knowledgeable ambience, exceeding the industry expectations. Also, the employers would congratulate the Jobseekers of MyJobbie with not just an offer letter but a definite "Pat on the Back" accolade.

For Job Seeker:

MyJobbie, a job portal builds a career platform for the growth loving pedestrians throughout their work journey. You can reckon your ability and match your profile in all aspects with the competitors at different arenas. The word 'Consistency' has been redefined with every step you head in your career. Join the myjobbie forum, enhance your skills and get aligned with the expectations.

For Employers:

Recruiters' window has been widely opened by myjobbie, empathizing and fulfilling their requirements. The entire recruitment process has been pacifically driven and buttressed by us. We always claim to be a pro active member of your 'Staffing' process, imbibing the pre, actual and the post touch. In short, your search for the bests' ends here.

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